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Services We Offer

Installation and Repairs

We install and repair pit liners from 8 mil to 60 mil with smooth, reinforced, or textured materials. We also install and repair polyethylene pipe from 1″ to 6.” In addition, we fix, improve, and install field fences. We can provide barbed or barbless wire to control stock at the site.

Large Frac Pond & Water Impoundment Liners

We provide an array of water installation services for those looking for solutions for frac pond and water impoundment liners. We install frac pond liners up to 800,000bbl capacity for well fracturing and water storage for future land development.

Equipment Rentals

We provide the best service available for your water handling needs, and we use the best equipment to make that happen. This means we can also rent that equipment to you subject to availability. That includes light towers, tele-handles, water flow meters, and generators from 125KW to 150KW.

Secondary Containments

These are used for frac tank storage and equipment holding to provide a clean spill-free zone. Safer environments help to prevent injuries due to slips, trips, and falls. Secondary containments also barricade and secure key areas.

Above Ground Storage Tanks

Using above ground storage tanks saves you time on sudden fracs and can come in handy for strict environmental and land development standards. Above ground storage can also lower your cost of water handling. Release and clean ups are faster with us taking the headache of water handling on for you. There is no need for all the trucking traffic. We eliminate over-trucking by giving you a quicker and cleaner way to fill ponds, secure liner installations, and ensure above ground storage tanks stay in place.

Where needed, we can bury lines to move water more efficiently from point A to point B. We are glad to make 811 calls and obtain permits. You can relax knowing that we are taking care of all your water handling details

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